DJ Kitchen – Almost Live @ Charles Mulligan’s Steakhouse



Firefly ft. Ursula Rucker – Supernatural (Derrick Carter’s BHQ Club Mix) [Slip 'n' Slide]
MD3 – Pressure Cooker (Phil Weeks Remix) [PND]
Kinky Joe – Dusty Parts [Visitor]
DJ Sneak – Fix My Sink (D’s BHQ Rub) [Magnetic]
The Huggy Factor – Ass Jam [2020 Vision]
Jody Finch – Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ No Acid Vocal Mix) [Let's Pet Puppies]
Moodymann – Shades of Jae [Peacefrog]
DJ Sneak & Armand Van Helden – Psychic Bounty Killaz (Acid Abeyance Mix) [ZYX Music]
House of 909 – Beautiful Day (Cevin Fisher’s Rejoice Mix) [Pagan]
Mr C – Terricola (Layo & Bushwacka! Remix) [End Recordings]
Swag – Version 06 [Jus' Trax]
Terry Francis – Smokey Rooms [Pagan]
Gideon & Rob H – It’s All Within You (Acapella) [Loaded]
Kerri Chandler – So It Begins Again (Dark Mix) [Madhouse]
The House Nerds – Express Oneself [House Nerds]
Anthea & Celler – Down With G.O.D. (DJ Sneak’s What Up D.O.G. Dub) [Tuning Spork]
Eddie F – Nueva Luz [Wicked Imprint]
Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Hugo Remix – DJ Kitchen Edit) [Eklektisch]
Nikola Gala – Only [Rekids]
Green Velvet – Answering Machine [Music Man]
Danny Tenaglia – Turn Me On (JC’s Chiapet Dub) [Twisted]
Tone Theory – My Tiger Is Ravenous [End Recordings]
Presence – Better Day (Salt City’s Better Remix) [Pagan]

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DJ Kitchen – Only Spoons and Courses



Mr G – The After Effect (G’s Affected Dub) [Phoenix G]
Saytek – Sorru (Jay Tripwire & Dzeta N’ Basile Remix) [Wiggle]
Alex Tepper – In Out Life (Dub) [Saved]
Continuous Cool – Relations (Joff Roach Remix) [Cyber Records]
Ross Evana – Groove It [Saved]
Mark Broom – Give It To Me [Saved]
Felix Da Housekatt – Silver Screen Shower Scene (FC Kahuna Remix) [City Rockers]
Circulation – Controlled Mayhem [End Recordings]
Flunky – Hey Marvin [Loaded]
Jacob London & Big Hair – Escape From Horror House [U-Freqs]
Jordan Peak – It’s Time (Ultrasone Remix) [Air London]
Claire Ripley & Zeitgeist – No Requests [Wiggle]
DJ Sneak – Truly Gangster [House Gangster]
Freaky Disco – Factor 30 [Wiggle]
Layo & Bushwacka! – Love Story [End Recordings]
Lo – In The Lab [Wiggle]
Changing Shape – Quiet [Airtight]

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DJ Kitchen – Surely Bassy Podcast 008



GoldFFinch – Point of Entry [877 Records]
Cooly G – Dis Boy (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix) [DVA Music]
Djrum – Arcana (Do I Need You) [2nd Drop]
Lakosa & iO Sounds – Ruff [Symbols]
Thefft – Jungle Out There [Fulcrum]
Addison Groove – Ass Jazz [50 Weapons]
Sin City Status – Plastic
Az&Tor – Feels Like [MadTech]
Network – Moving On [MadTech]
Rick Grant – Loper
Grievous Angel – Move Down Low (Dubplate Mix) [Soul Jazz]
CRST – Redeye [Catapult]
NB Funky – Riddim Box [It's Funky]
Seiji – Face Up [Seiji]
Darqwan – Nocturnal [Texture]
Lokiboi – Late Reaction [Somethinksounds]
Isaac Martin – A New Dawn (Oh Baby) [Surely Bassy]

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DJ Kitchen – Eat Drink Man Woman



Chaos In The CBD – Mariana Trench [Needwant]
JMX – Let Go (2020 Vision Remix) [2020 Vision]
Flow – Catwitch [Low Pressings]
Fred Everything – Brothers & Sisters (AM Pacific) [Local Talk]
Demarkus Lewis – Wipe Ur Mouth (Milton Jackson Remix) [Lost My Dog]
Delete – Been Groovin’ [Get Physical]
Jaffa Surfa – Doin Hauz [All Inn]
Gavin Herlihy & James Barnsley – Right Here [Get Physical]
Hans Thalau – Tuva (René Breitbarth Edit) [Deep Data]
James Barnsley – Feel Good Feel Bad (Original Mix) [Murmur]
JC Williams – Need No More (NY Stomp Remix) [4Lux Black]
Kink – Same Old Thing (Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix) [RZ Records]
Jonathan Rosa – True Love (Original Mix) [Low Pressings]
UNER, Coyu & Edu Imbernon – Mi Casa Es Su Casa [Cr2]
Disclosure – Stimulation [PMR]
Duke Dumont – Need U (100%) (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Mix) [Blase Boys Club]
Florian Blauensteiner – Hold On (Slg Never Enough Remix) [Klasse]
George FitzGerald – Nighttide Lover (Trikk Re-Dub) [Hotflush]
Scientific Funk – This Sound [Wiggle]
Lewis Ryder – Pale Sky (Original Mix) [Wiggle]
Falke & Vogelbein – Gruen Wald [Get Minimal]
Alfie – Uncomfortably Numb [Blah Blah Blah]
Andy Jay & S-Tee & Akira – See You Move (feat. Sophia Ellahee) (Ednaski 4-4 Mix) [Ice Cream]
Miguel Migs – Red & Dread [Migs Deep Disco Tech Dub Edit] [ITH/Defected]
Swag – One Eyed Daruma [Version Music]
Robin S – Show Me Love (Kerri Chandler Mix) [Champion]
Kriss Darang ft. Jo Jo – Check Me Out (Elijah Collins Deep Disco Mix) [SinQ]

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Social Behavior – Nothing Is Too Old



A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity (Ashley Beedle’s Love & Compassion Mix) [Studio !K7]
Marlon D – Jesus creates sound [Strictly Rhythm]
Gene Farris – Show Me A Man [Fluential]
Hipp-E – Down On Me [Doubledown]
Peace Division – Freaky [Low Pressings]
Wyatt Earp & DJ Foxx – Soul Penetration (DJ Sense Remix) [Casa Del Soul]
DJ Sense – Digital Spirituality [Casa Del Soul]
Justin Maxwell – The Tussincussion [Palette]
Grand High Priest – Mixdown [Strictly Rhythm]
Basement Jaxx – Fly life Xtra (Mr Dan & Raf Daddy Dub) [Atlantic Jaxx]
Luke Slater – Body Freefall, Electronic Inform (Junior Cartier’s Highrise Mix) [Novamute]
Mood II Swing Ft. Lauren – It’s Gonna Work Out [Strictly Rhythm]
Put it on – The Hidden Track (Justin Maxwell Remix) [True To Form]
Mark Ambrose – I Wanna Go Bang [Crayon]
Ty Tek – Audio Jackin (DJ Foxx’s Audio Pushin’ Mix) [Casa Del Soul]

Social Behavior – Nothing Is Too Old by Kitchen Spasm on Mixcloud

DJ Kitchen – Car Hole Music



MJ Cole – Hold On To Me [Talkin' Loud]
Operator & Baffled – Things Are Never (Dub) [Outlaw Records]
New Horizon – Find The Path (Tuff Jam’s DIY Dub) [500 ReKorDs]
TJR ft. Xavier – Just gets Better (TJR Dub) [Multiply]
Dub Monsters – Deep Innit [Fifty First Recordings]
Usher – You Make Me Wanna (Tuff Jam’s Classic Garage Instrumental) [LaFace]
Tuff Jam ft. Mr X – Dangerous (Unda-Vybe Dub) [unda-Vybe]
Industry Standard – Industry Standard Vol.1 [Satellite]
Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (Steve Gurley Remix) [XL Recordings]
ATFC – Bad Habit (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Defected]
Huxley – Walk 2 U [Rinse]
Mista Men – Labrini [Unknown To The Unknown]
The Shamen – Universal (187 Lockdown Dark Dub) [Moksha]
DeLacy – Hideaway (187 Lockdown Remix) [Deconstruction]
Serious Danger – Love Is Forever [Fresh]
Byron Stingily – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Serious Danger Magic Steppa Mix) [Manifesto]

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DJ Kitchen – Eat or Dance, Don’t Eat and Dance



Miguel Campbell – Not That Kind Of Girl (MAM Remix) [Hot Creations]
TVFROM86 – Brooklyn Business (DJ Steef Remix) [Roche Musique]
Purple Velvet – Never Do You Wrong [Needwant]
James Welsh – Walk [Join The Dots]
Bicep – Feel It
Issac Christopher – Here On My Own [Madhouse]
SWAG – 2+2=5 (No Such Remix) [Version]
Lokiboi – Love Saves The Day (Lokiboi Vs. Citizen Remix) [Some Think Sounds]
Spirit Catcher ft. Mr Renard – Final Call (Casio Social Club ‘Lock-Groove’ Remix) [Mullet]
No Artificial Colours – Chasing Cheese [Feast]
Basement Jaxx – Oh My Gosh (The Golden Boy Remix)
Myles James – S.T.S. [Madhouse]
Shoot The Ghost – So Cold [MadTech]

DJ Kitchen – Eat Or Dance, Don't Eat And Dance by Kitchen Spasm on Mixcloud

DJ Kitchen – This Soup Is Dry



Zoo Look – People Let Me Down (Medlar Remix) [Morris Audio]
Ryo Murakami – Just For This (Graeme Clarke’s Revenge Remix) [Dessous]
Rick Wade – Jaime [Hudd Trax]
Milton Jackson – Don’t Worry About The Drums [Dark Energy]
Sek – Keep Movin’ [Trazable]
The Organ Grinder ft. Jessy Allen – Project [4Lux Black]
Dusky – Atone [Aus]
JMX – Feel It [Alive Recordings]
Mango Boy – Control Freak [Duty Free]
Kashii – Make This (Lakosa Remix) [MadTech]
Alfie – Hy Brasil (Citizen Remix) [Space & Time]
Mike & Charlie – I Get Live (The Bears Mix) [Regal]
Phoenix G – I’m Dirty! [Phoenix G]
Tone Theory – Loop Limbo [Plink Plonk]
Detroit Swindle – I Gotta Know [Freerange]

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DJ Kitchen – Live @ Surely Bassy, Distrikt! Leeds 31/05/2013



Ali Love ft. Kali – Emperor (Waze & Odyssey Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Milton Jackson – Rhythm Track [Freerange]
Myles James – Broken [Madhouse]
Compuphonic ft. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Remix) [Get Physical]
Applebottom – Turn On The Faith [MadTech]
Huxley – Lost Love [Rinse]
Jordan Peak – Don’t It Feel Good [Robsoul]
George Fitzgerald – Thinking Of You [Hotflush]
Andy Jay, S-Tee & Akira ft. Sophia Ellahee – See You Move (Prospectors Stateside Mix) [Ice Cream]
Bicep – Vision Of Love [KMS]
Broken Youth – Dreamer [New State]
Jodeci – Freak’n You (Marcus Jakes Back To ’98 Mix)
Semendo – After Midnight
187 Lockdown – Gunman (G.O.D. Remix) [EastWest]
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You (Basement Jaxx Vocal Mix) [Jive]
Harvey McKay – Show Face (Bass Tool) [Saved]
Krystal Klear ft. Jenna G – Addiction [Rinse]
Pour Homme – Born This Way (Sharp Addiction To DTPM Remix) [Nu Camp]

DJ Kitchen – Live @ Surely Bassy, Distrikt! Leeds 31/05/2013 by Kitchen Spasm on Mixcloud

DJ Kitchen – Fork It Out



Swayzak – Illegal (Bigga Bush Version) [Medicine Label]
Get Fucked – Yank Fuck [Eukatech]
Klunk + Zilly – Relax (Tigerskin Deep Mix) [Wiggle]
Mr. G – Blessed [Rekids]
Saytek & DZeta N’ Basile – Underway (Nathan Coles & David Coker Remix) [Wiggle]
Circulation – Controlled Mayhem [Circulation]
Struck – Negatif [Wall Music]
Phoenix G. – Reaver [Duty Free]
SWAG – Version 06 [Jus' Trax]
The Producers – Flying the Funky Path [New Era]
DJ W!ld – For Your Play (Jordan Peak Remix) [Jonk]
Scientific Funk – This Sound [Wiggle]
Lo – Generation [Wiggle]
Bushwacka! – Healer (House Mix) [Plank]

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